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David/Andrea Burger

Amazing Burger, especially during the Summer!

Ok, so my husband and I love to grill a lot. We are real burger enthusiasts! We don't fall in the professional category, but we are close. I don't know what my exact thought process was when I was coming up with this burger, but I know it was a combination of flavors that we both enjoy on their own and from burgers we have had before.


-Pound of ground beef/turkey... (when I use turkey I got the higher fat because turkey is mild as it stands and it needs a little something).
-Pineapple RINGS (from a can or cut and core a pineapple)
-Guacamole or salsa (whichever you prefer, we normally make guac, but if we are lazy we get Wholly Guacamole - Spicy)
-Slices of pepper jack cheese (the thick slices are nice from Kraft if you like cheese a lot)
-Jalapeño or banana pepper slices (I just get a little can)

I could say just put those items on a burger and you have a great burger but there is a technique that makes it so special!

First, divide up your meat into your desired size of patties. We normally divide the pound into six for regular-sized burgers or four for a MONSTER burger!

Then, use your hands to fold in about 4 or 5 jalapenos into each patty. It really depends on how spicy you want them. They give a nice zing to the bland turkey meat.

FYI: I don't use one of those fancy patty smashers, just slap the patty back-and-forth between your hands, it works fine.

Now put the patties and the pineapple rings on the grill or a stove griddle. Keep them separated for now.

Let the pineapples brown and cook your burgers to your liking. Toast your buns as well when the time comes.

*Now for the most important part!

When both your burger and pineapple are cooked to your specifications, FIRST place the pineapple rings on top of the burger and THEN the cheese. By melting the cheese over the pineapple and burger it helps to keep the pineapple on the burger when you bite into it. Also, it helps keep my burger together because I normally have two rings in there. I love pineapple.

Spread either the Guacamole or the Salsa on the bun in place of ketchup. Add your burger, give your burger a little downward press to make sure everything stays in, and ENJOY!

Let me know what you think!!!

Posted by Andrea on 11.28.12


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