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Apple Salad Recipe

Not so healthy but damn good for Cook-outs, the Beach, or Camping!

What is Apple Salad? It is kind of like Potato Salad, one of those cold dishes held together with mayo, containing a couple extras items for flavor, color, and texture.

For a Meal (w/left-overs) or Pot-Luck size you will need...

  • 4 to 5 apples, (whatever kind, I use Granny Smith) cored and cut in cubes
  • Duke's Mayonnaise (It just tastes better! It's okay to use the Light version)
  • Chopped walnuts
  • Small multi-colored marshmallows

*Note that there are not any measurements for the last three items. That is because, like potato salad or cole slaw, everyone likes it a little different.

A good start would be to add about the same amount of marshmallows to the apples in a large bowl. (I personally add extra marshmallows because that is my favorite part).

Then, mix in a bit of mayo using a spatula. Enough to make them stick together but not too much to make the marshmallows wet.

Last, add in your chopped walnuts. As many as you like. I make sure there is at least one piece on or touching every apple or marshmallow. They give a nice texture and take away from that sweet taste.

If you feel the need, add some more mayo.

*For what I like to call a single serving, use the same technique but just one apple. It's a good size to take to the beach or to work for lunch!

Have at it and let me know what you think!

Posted by Andrea on 04.13.13


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