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A Small Series: Expectations

How to set expectations and how to respond to other's expectations

Have you ever received an email from your boss or a co-worker and you were like "what the heck is this and how does it apply to me"? I have. In a former life, I was an administrative assistant. I used to get department emails like this all the time. It is likely that the person who sent the email was trying to set an expectation. Recently, I have found myself sending those same sort of emails.

At the moment Cranium21 is experiencing a bit of growth. In order to maintain the work-load we have hired a few part-time employees. Some of the employees are new and some of them have been immersed in the Cranium21 culture and are taking on new responsibilities. For a long time I was designer, developer, content manager, and project manager all rolled into one. Now I am tasked with tasking some of those tasks smile to other employees. Though it is important to communicate tasks, it is also important to communicate how you would like tasks handled. Try to think less on "laying down the law" side and more on the "setting the team up for success" side.

1. Review how you interact with your team and make sure you haven't left any communications loose or unclear
2. Reiterate anything you feel you may have not made clear
3. Have regular interaction with your team and make sure they don't have any expectations of their own that they are passionate about or that may be beneficial to the team and its success

On the flip side it is also important to set expectations with clients or your boss based on their expectations. 

You get a long list of requests or an email that you know you just can't digest at the moment because you have a million other things to do. 

1. Let the client or your boss know you got their email
2. Set the expectation of when you are going to be able to complete their task(s)
3. Try to address any needs you may have sooner rather than later (in our case typically we need content, images, and files)

Most of this sounds obvious but when you get really busy it can be really easy to overlook. Thanks for the read.

Posted by Andrea on 10.21.14


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