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The Holidays

The Holidays are Coming: Best Hot Chocolate

Anybody who knows me knows I love the holiday season. Today I speak of getting the best hot chocolate without breaking the bank. Recently, my fiancé and I were having dinner at home and I mentioned I wanted something sweet. Unfortunately, we didn't have anything at home or so I thought. I then remembered that I had just purchased some hot chocolate. Just your basic cocoa that comes in the little packets, Harris Teeter brand. As a kid I would make hot chocolate in the microwave using water and it was never really that great... call it being raised in the '90s. I just didn't know any better. As I grew older I realized what hot chocolate used to be made with (that would be milk) and so I started making it with milk a few years back. Alas, milk bubbles up and gets all over the inside of the microwave.

Well, just two years ago I decided I wanted to be a bit healthier so I stopped using a microwave. I didn't even have one in my apartment. My friends were always astonished to find out I didn't have one. They would say well how do you reheat mac n' cheese (add some milk to it and heat it on covered, on low, in a pot) or how do you reheat french-fries (put them on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes). When it comes to making hot chocolate you have to heat the milk on the stove in a pot but for me using all milk, even skim, made the hot chocolate too think. So now what I do is use is one packet of hot chocolate, half a cup of water, and half a cup of milk. I heat the milk and water together and then slowly stir it into a mug with the cocoa in it. Then add some French Vanilla whipped cream or Pepper-Mint march mellows.

Thus, the best hot chocolate ever! {well, in my opinion)

I am hoping you will stay tuned to see more of my Holiday endeavors.

Posted by Andrea on 11.30.12


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