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Happy 2013!

Revisiting 2012 and my Excitement for the New Year!

This past year has had it's ups and downs but I am so glad I survived it. Some of the crazy things that happened in 2012:

  • I quit my well-payed day-job to pursue a Creative Director position at Cranium21
  • I moved to Durham, NC on my own to doing some growing
  • I got engaged at Duke Gardens to my love and best friend, David
  • David got his first teaching job in Fairfax County, VA
  • I moved to Manassas, VA with David
  • I reinvented myself as a Web Designer and picked up more Development skills
  • I built three Responsive websites with Greg Weber and we are currently working on a forth and fifth as well as our three internal sites -,,

Now I can't wait for my Wedding in March and my Honeymoon in June! I'm also really looking forward to working on the many projects we have going on at Cranium21.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Andrea on 01.01.13


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