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Okay, Not Literally a Face-lift but I Needed a Change

With my wedding quickly approaching I wanted to get my new website/blog/portfolio up and running before things get too hairy. I am very fond of my old site and identity (pictured) but there were two deciding factors to designing new ones. The first should be the most obvious, my name change. The second was the vast development and my roll-change in the 21 family. Because the web development devision of Sync21 had grown into design, development, and SEO Greg and I spent countless hours devising our next move.

At first I was reluctant to break-away under a new name because I felt if we did we really needed to own it and push the brand hard. Out of our many talks we came up with Cranium21. The thought process behind Cranium21 was "Whole-Brained Design Resolution". Greg has a strong engineering background but really relates to creative esthetics. I am very creative but in mathematical and engineered mannerisms. With both our expertise working hand in hand we feel as though we work using our brains as a whole.

You can check out the old site here but I really hope you enjoy the Responsive new one.

Posted by Andrea on 11.28.12


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