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Every Bride's Dream: Absolute Control

Over the past year, I have gone from working strictly as a Graphic Designer to practicing Web Design & Development. Within my personal life, I have gone from living as a lonely Bachelorette to a frantic Bride-to-Be.

Like most Type A personalities I want to control everything. When it came to building the website for David and I's wedding you know it had to be done my way. I wouldn't settle for anything less than a site that was perfectly branded to match the wedding decor, and the cute little logo I designed for the invitations, that I also designed.

At about the same time I got engaged my partner, Greg Weber, approached me and told me about this amazing new "thing", Responsive Web Development. Secretly, I felt foolish saying it but I thought my wedding website would be perfect to try this Responsive "thing" out on, specifically a framework known as Foundation by Zurb.

Why did I feel the site to be perfect to try Responsive Web Development on?

1. It wasn't a client site, therefore I was only living up to my deadline.
2. As it wasn't a client, I also wasn't going to have to deal with a client's design tastes or needs. Just my own.
3. The site is fairly small, mostly made up of static pages with links that led to outside resources (like a Registry and the Weather Forecast.)

With some general training from Treehouse and some review from the Foundation docs the wedding website was underway. You can view the website at

Posted by Andrea on 11.27.12


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